Keihan Toos Air Travel Services, Pilgrimage & Recreation Company, with over 20 years of experience and successful staff, has worked to honor the passengers, take advantage of all available facilities to meet their needs, provide them with safe travel And be outside Iran.

Originally founded with the aim of providing air cargo to all parts of the world with the permission of the Civil Aviation Authority, the complex was established thanks to the efforts of the dedicated staff of Kayhan Toos Message Board, UK Company (London) ؛ Oman (Muscat) متحده UAE (Dubai) and inside Iran in Mashhad cities ؛ Tehran ؛ Shiraz and Ahvaz inaugurated and also receive freight forwarding representation of all domestic and foreign airlines.

Payam Kayhan Toos Company in the field of tourism after getting acquainted with the market and tourism needs of the people of Mashhad; Obtaining an airline ticket from the Civil Aviation Authority; Pilgrimage Tours from the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization; Rail quoted and after receiving the IATA code from the International Aviation Organization, we were able to serve as the sole representative of Kuwaiti Algerian Airlines flight ticket in the east of the country.

Over the years, we have been honored with over 65 years of prestigious reputation in the field of air cargo and tourism; fully equipped with more than 600 meters of infrastructure covering more than 1,000 customers daily in several commercial spaces.

Now, after years of experience, we have found it necessary to serve the incoming and outgoing passengers after obtaining permission from the Cultural Heritage, Crafts and Tourism Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran in providing tourism services, preparing travel packages and executing tourist tours. .